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Welcome to Advanced Eyecare Research

Advanced Eyecare Research is a UK company founded in 2003 and based in Buckinghamshire. Our aim is to improve ocular health by supplying unique products that contact lens practitioners can prescribe with confidence.

Our current range includes:-

Regard, a unique preservative-free multipurpose solution that prevents corneal staining caused by preservatives found in traditional contact lens solutions. Click on the Regard tab above to find out how Regard works. For further clinical information click on the Clinical tab above.

Regard RGP is the world's first preservative-free multipurpose solution designed for rigid contact lenses, including all the newer silicone materials.

Beyond simple hydration and lubrication, Wet Therapy is a preservative-free, long lasting tear supplement for ongoing corneal protection. Wet Therapy has anti-inflammatory properties to help heal irritated corneas and protect corneal health.

Reset is a dual-action preservative-free in-eye drop designed for patients experiencing dry eyes. Reset cleans the lenses in the eye and then adds a wetting drop for all-day comfort. Click on the Reset tab above for further clinical information.

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