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About Regard

Regard - Ocular health and convenience for your patients

Most practitioners agree that in an ideal world they would prefer not to prescribe contact lens solutions containing potentially irritating or toxic preservatives.

Whilst convenient, all conventional multipurpose solutions contain preservatives, the only preservative free contact lens systems available are 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and Regard. With most practitioners now prescribing Silicone lenses it is more important than ever that preservative free solutions are prescribed, in order to reduce corneal staining.

Regard has been designed to improve the ocular health of the contact lens wearer and sets a new standard for multipurpose solutions by providing the same level of disinfection as a 3% peroxide system, combined with the convenience of a multipurpose solution. Regard is so safe it can be poured directly into the eye.

The chemistry is based around the stabilised oxychlorite molecule that will convert to chlorine dioxide in the presence of bacteria, but then reconvert to stable solution in the lens case or breakdown into salt, water and oxygen outside the lens case. Regard not only disinfects, cleans and rinses contact lenses, it also removes the contact lens case biofilm.

Studies undertaken to improve contact lens wear have normally found the two main causes for complaints are discomfort and dryness. Whilst preservatives may cause irritation, dryness may be exacerbated through the environmental demands placed on modern day contact lens wear. Regard addresses this problem with the inclusion of Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, a comfort drop, which can be used to rewet lenses at any time.

Regard also contains Pluronic F-68 a tensio-active surfactant cleaner, which ensures the lenses are maintained in pristine condition.

Due to its unique chemistry, Regard can also help reduce the build-up of protein deposits. The solution has an overall negative ionic charge, which is constantly attracting the positively charged protein molecules away from the lens surface. Once opened, a bottle of Regard remains usable for 90 days and lenses can be stored for up to 30 days before requiring further disinfection.

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