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Biocompatible, long-lasting tear supplement

The lachrymal film is a complex of aqueous components and lipids produced by the various ocular glands. An alteration of the normal lachrymal film equilibrium can lead to symptoms of dry eye and associated discomfort as well as compromises in the cellular structure of the corneal epithelium. Contact lens wear may further contribute to this deterioration.

Beyond simply hydration and lubrication, Wet® Therapy is a Preservative-free, long-lasting tear supplement, which has anti-inflammatory properties to help heal irritated corneas while promoting corneal health by providing protection and comfort.

Wet® Therapy contains natural and bioactive substances for an elevated ocular tolerability and Two complimentary hygroscopic polymers and essential electrolytes help heal irritated corneas.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring hygroscopic (water-attracting) polymer, which stabilizes and thickens the precornel tear film and enhances corneal re-epithelialzation.

Polyethylene Glycol

PEG 400 is a water soluble, non-ionic, hydrophilic lubricating demulcent whose viscosity is not affected by the presence of electrolytes. The addition of PEG 400 to hyaluronic acid increases the water retention and tear film residence time.

Superior viscoelastic properties provide an optimal dispersion and permanence on the corneal surface.

  • Rehydration of soft contact lenses
  • Reduction of the compromised tear film break up time
  • Restoration of physiological osmolarity
  • Lubrication of the lens/cornea interface

Wet Therapy has been specifically tested for use with all types of contact lenses Wet Therapy is especially indicated for daily contact lens wear.

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