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RECORD 7_30 multipurpose preserved solution

RECORD 7_30 is a new Optician Only multipurpose preserved solution that provides effective lens disinfection in a super-fast time.

RECORD gets its name because it performs 7 functions:

  1. Disinfection
  2. Cleaning
  3. Soaking
  4. Protein Removal
  5. Wetting
  6. Lubricating
  7. Rinsing

in a RECORD time of just 30 minutes.

After a 'Rub, Rinse, Rub' regime, just 30 minutes of soaking in a lens case produces fresh, clean, comfortable lenses.

Ideally suited to those who live an active lifestyle, RECORD's speedy effectiveness is based on a large molecule formula that reduces corneal staining.

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